Another Contest Winner Gets Publishing Contract

For the second straight year, Writers-Editors Network has received wonderful news from one of its annual writing competition entrants. Patricia Cox’s novel Chasm Creek has been published by … [Read more...]

New Books to Help You Self-Publish

How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace and Kindle by Russ Crowley, Red Dragon Publishing (January 2, 2015); digital, 180 pages (per my PDF review copy; other editions may vary). $6.99 … [Read more...]

New Books to Read — written by Network Members

—   Check out these new books by our members … (in alphabetical order by title - here is something for everyone) Beach Songs and Wood Chimes by Mary Harwell Sayler (Daffydowndilly … [Read more...]

Attention Indie Authors: Amazon is not your publisher

Recently a Network member mentioned to me that a Facebook follower – weighing in on a discussion about the poor quality of self-published books – stated that ... “Amazon was not likely to … [Read more...]

Featured Author: Julie Flanders

Our conversation today is with Julie Flanders, a novelist and a freelance writer who also works as a librarian. In addition to her love for reading and the magic of books, Julie is a life-long … [Read more...]

Featured Author: MJ Plaster

Our conversation today is with MJ Plaster, who spent more than two decades traveling throughout Europe and North Africa. During her long and varied career, she has been a technical writer, … [Read more...]

Featured Author: Elizabeth A. Churchill

Our conversation today is with Elizabeth (Betsy) A. Churchill, who is a relative newcomer to the world of writing. Originally from Massachusetts, Betsy moved to Arizona in 2005. She is the … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Find Time to Write More

I took a peek at the responses to our ongoing survey to find out what writers’ greatest frustrations are – and 23 percent of responses have to do with time – either finding it or managing it. … [Read more...]

Featured Author: Patricia E. Amoroso

Our conversation today is with Florida author Patricia E Amoroso, who specializes in writing fiction, historical fiction, and poetry. She wrote her current book, Dalhousie Burning, a … [Read more...]

Ask More Questions for More Article Sales

For years, I have been preaching to writers about spinning off material. My mantra: go to your research material for additional articles with new slants – and earn more per hour invested … [Read more...]