What can dust do to your computer?

When’s the last time you cleaned out the dust bunnies from inside your computer? Or your laptop? Or had someone do it for you? More than a year or so? Better read on . . . Last week, my … [Read more...]

Checkup Time

It's Checkup Time! It's April as I write this, meaning we're barely into the second quarter of the year. So while the days seem to be flying by, there's still plenty of year left to meet … [Read more...]

Social Media Checklist

Social media has become “the place” to be seen, to become known, to share literally anything and everything. From independents to traditional publishers to offline businesses, being on and … [Read more...]

Why enter writing contests?

Primary reasons given for entering writing contests usually mention cash awards or promised publication or finding out “if my stuff is good enough.” All good reasons, indeed, to send in your … [Read more...]

Setting Your Annual Writing Goals

The problem with New Year’s Resolutions, and planning in general, is that life tends to get in the way of the really exciting new projects on our goals list – the book project we want to … [Read more...]

Writers need to move it

We’ve been preaching for years the importance of taking breaks while working at your desk. Most of those warnings have been about avoiding eye fatigue and pain in the neck, back, and … [Read more...]

Content Repurposing

Content makes the Web world go round. Content is what drives interest, engagement and profits when it comes to any online marketing effort. Business clients look to freelancers to suggest and … [Read more...]

Featured Author: Cindy Davis Redux

It’s been awhile since we visited with author and book editor Cindy Davis, so we decided to see what’s going on in her world – a lot, it turns out, including a new book series. Here’s our … [Read more...]

Writers do need images – cautions – and a new source

Once upon a time, writers worried solely about getting the words right. The “paperwork” Peter De Vries decried involved only rearranging those words on paper until they told the story in a … [Read more...]

Featured Author: Judy Bruce

Our conversation today is with Nebraska author Judy Bruce. She has a law degree from Creighton University and is author of the forthcoming now published World War II novel, Death Steppe. But … [Read more...]