Featured Author: Patricia E. Amoroso

Our conversation today is with Florida author Patricia E Amoroso, who specializes in writing fiction, historical fiction, and poetry. She wrote her current book, Dalhousie Burning, a … [Read more...]

Ask More Questions for More Article Sales

For years, I have been preaching to writers about spinning off material. My mantra: go to your research material for additional articles with new slants – and earn more per hour invested … [Read more...]

Featured Author: Charles Justus Garard

Our conversation is with Charles J. Garard, a long-time Network member who has taught all levels of English and writing courses at the college level. In addition to teaching in the U.S., … [Read more...]

9 Steps to Ensure Client Payment

The best way to avoid becoming your own part-time collection agent is to set up a good system that starts with your very first client meeting (whether that “meeting” be in person, over the … [Read more...]

Featured Author: Suzanne G. Beyer

Our conversation today is with Suzanne G. Beyer, associate editor and writer for Seattle’s Northwest Prime Time magazine, who also attends a manuscript critique class every Friday afternoon. … [Read more...]

5 Ways Music Can Impact Your Writing

First thing I do after booting up my computer in the morning is to click on the Media Player – a CD is already in place and ready for the next song. (Yes, I do subscribe to Pandora, but … [Read more...]

Featured Author: BF (Bobbi) Graham

Our conversation today is with Barbara (Bobbi) Florio Graham, a long-time freelance writer, book author, indie publisher, and frequent contributor to Freelance Writer’s Report. This is our … [Read more...]

Convert Your Fading Specialty Into Opportunity

You’re tooling along quite nicely, thank you, writing about CB radios for a number of magazines when BOOM! – along comes the mobile phone. Bye-bye CB radio specialty. OK, that’s a hoary … [Read more...]

Featured Author: Lisa Wroble

Our conversation today is with Lisa A. Wroble, a Naples, Florida, freelance writer, book author, and educator with around 1,000 articles and 27 published books among her credits. She also … [Read more...]

Featured Author: Roberta Sandler

Our conversation today is with Roberta Sandler, a long-time freelancer for magazines and newspapers, who has shared dozens of marketing and business-building tips with our members in the pages … [Read more...]