"Are You Frustrated by Low Online Freelance Fees?"

"Are You Struggling with the Constantly Changing Marketplace for Freelance Writers, Editors and Book Authors?"

"Is Your Kindle / CreateSpace Book Buried in the Amazon Marketplace and Not Getting Sales?"

 . . . or maybe you've become overwhelmed with it all and let stress or procrastination stifle your success.

"Writers-Editors Network will help you build a successful freelance writing/editing business..."

A personal invitation from Dana K. Cassell, founder and executive director:

bc536644a78f4754a6e93a252714fdb9"Are you ready to take the next exciting step in your writing career? While many freelancers and indie book authors struggle to make money or get published or sell books in this online world, others ARE succeeding. A good number of our WEN members have been doing quite well. And you can, too. Through our Network, I've been sharing for years the tools and resources writers like you need to succeed.  I'd love to have YOU with us to take advantage of our resources.  Please do join along with us. And if you have questions, do not hesitate to email me at dana@writers-editors.com."

And who am I? I've been writing, editing and publishing full-time for more decades than I like to admit. So I've faced and worked through the problems and frustrations you are facing right now. More important than the thousands of articles and dozens of books and reports I've written and published — is that for these past 30+ years, I've been able to help literally thousands of other independent writers become more successful — not only by drawing on my own experience, but also by sharing tips and advice from other Network members as well as from successful freelancers and book authors beyond our Network.

And what is Writers-Editors Network? We started out as Florida Freelance Writers Association (when I lived in South Florida), with the first issue of our newsletter, Freelance Writer's Report, appearing in February 1982. FWR was only 4 pages back then, but from the beginning it offered writers tips on building a successful freelance business, as well as news about Florida magazines and book publishers. It wasn't too long before FWR doubled in size, and we first published the Directory of Florida Markets for Writers.

From the very beginning, FFWA included writers from other states as members. Soon, both they and our Florida members began asking about markets in other states. But most writers outside Florida did not need the Florida market news. So we grew into the Cassell Network of Writers, with FFWA remaining a large part of the Network. Then, with the growth of online writing and editing opportunities, we added our Writers-Editors.com (Writers-Editors Network) presence, where editors and clients can find the freelance editorial help they need from among our members — which could include YOU — and where we have been posting freelance jobs on our Bulletin Board since September 1989 at no additional cost to members.

And, to help our members achieve even more in this complicated online "content" world, in fall of 2014, we added our Writers-Editors Network Resource + Training Center so our members could have easy access to the tools and information critical for freelance or indie publishing success  — and again, at no additional cost, as part of regular membership. And we are gradually bringing all our "parts" under the single Writers-Editors Network (WEN) banner.

But even as we expand our member resources, we remain small as a group in order to give you a personal touch. You will not deal with outsourced staff; I will give you the personal attention you need — the same as I've been doing for these 30+ years. And, oh, yes, I am still doing some freelance work every day, so I do know what you are going through.

The writing business can be tough today, but it has never been easy ...

Even back when I started out, it took me 5 long years before I was able to go full-time and support my four young children as a freelancer and single parent. No one was there to email or call on the phone for advice on what to do in this situation or where to go for help on that issue. I had to learn how to treat freelancing as a "business" through trial and lots of error.

Freelancing presents many challenges that seem insurmountable:

  • How to find new markets — Don't you find it frustrating when you see the same freelance names on the masthead of every issue of a magazine? I certainly did.
  • The time it takes to sift through all those postings on job sites — Most of those are such low-pay. Don't you find it time-consuming to sort through them every day in the hope that one or two "may" be worth pursuing?
  • When you have a quick question you wish you could ask another writer — but you don't want to put it out there on social media or even in a forum — or wait for someone to post a reply — wouldn't it be nice to have someone to reach out to right now?
  • Information overwhelm  — Back in the day, the problem was finding any tips or advice. In today's online world, the problem is too much information. How many dozens — even hundreds — of bookmarks and files of information have you saved to read through "as soon as you get the time" — in order to dig out the meat of the advice — but never really getting that time?

Fortunately, we can help you hack through the frustrations of freelancing ...

It was because of the need to deal with all these frustrations — and then wishing I could share with other writers what I was learning and dealing with on my own — that I first organized FFWA, which has grown to our current national and even international Network.

Over the years and continuing today, it has been heartwarming — even exciting — to watch serious freelancers take the information and the training our Network has provided and put it to use — building successful freelance or indie publishing businesses — even getting traditional book contracts!.

A few years ago we published an e-report with a dozen of our members explaining how they have not only survived in today's freelance arena, but have thrived and prospered.  As one of them said in the book, "I've been able to tell my editors that I am a 'professional' with a straight face and have long enjoyed a far greater income than the published 'norms' for freelance writers."

And that is what we have long experience doing — and can help you do starting today — build a professional freelance or indie publishing business  . . . and here's how . . . 

Introducing ...

Writers-Editors Network is unique in helping the serious writer approach freelancing and indie publishing as a business. Among the many "tools" you will find as a WEN member:

  • Latest new magazines and editorial changes -  One thing I learned early on was that editors new to a magazine or launching new magazines need new writers (or at least new to them or that magazine). Our monthly newsletter FWR provides just that info. And you don't even have to wait a full month. Several times a week I post the new markets and market updates inside our Members Area, as they come in.  
  • Nearly daily "sifted" job postings -  Every evening we search more than 4 dozen freelance writing/editing job sites to see if any postings appear to be viable — legitimate, "decent" paying, no warning signs. Then those few are posted on our Member Bulletin Board, with links to the original postings — saving you hours of time each week. Plus, any jobs that come in through our own Writers-Editors.com "Writers Wanted" pages are posted to the Bulletin Board as soon as they come in. Of course, no guarantees that any of these will meet your criteria — but simply saving the time or not missing out on a viable job is worth a quick check into the Bulletin Board every day or even several times a week.
  • Your information listed in our Writer Data Bank - a database we "search" when editors and clients request writers or editing help on our flagship Writers-Editors.com website.
  • Your own Help "Hotline" - Next time you'd like someone else's opinion on the job proposal you're preparing — or how someone else might handle a problem or strategy decision you face — or even where you might go next in your project research — as a Network member, you have someone to call. That's right. I am right here — at the other end of your phone call or email. You don't have to wait for others  — whom you don't really know  — to get around to weighing in on your own private concerns. And if I do not have the experience in that area, I will refer you to other members who likely do. Or, at least, I may be able to suggest sources that will save you hours of searching on your own.
  • Ah, those succinct, actionable tips - Many of our members say they join our Network only for Freelance Writer's Report (FWR), our monthly newsletter. In addition to the monthly New Markets and Market Updates are the "digested" insider tips and advice. FWR is your own information sifter — plodding through all the recent blog posts, interviews and news articles to dig out the real tips and giving you the bare actionable steps to take. And, where warranted, a link to further information will be there when you're ready to dig further. Saves you time, gives you the next steps to take for success in marketing your services, running your freelance business, and selling your books — can't beat it!

"I have been a member of CNW/WEN for many years and have found belonging to be a rewarding experience. ... I have found Ms. Cassell to be willing to answer personal email letters with warmly expressed advice." - Charles Justus Garard, Jr., PhD, author of the trilogy: Dark Neighborhoods, Dark Corridors, Dark Journeys, plus other novels; www.the-alternate-world-of-cjg.com.  

But we have more! Inside our Writers-Editors Network Resource + Training Center, you will find videos, PDFs, public domain images, and more.

In addition to our monthly newsletter Freelance Writer's Report, almost-daily job postings, and latest markets, you will also have . . . 

     * Access to Members Only Reports and e-Books
     * Exclusive Videos and Tutorials

We're adding new trainings and resources monthly, so you will find more than the following, but this will give you an idea of what you can expect -

(These are like Special Bonuses - inside our WEN Center!)

  • Content Repurposing - get more mileage out of your hard work - plus how to repackage your info products ...
  • Leverage LinkedIn - get more clients + generate leads ...
  • Money Talks - Generating Cash Flow ...
  • How to Publish on Kindle - videos PLUS Cover Templates ...
  • Get Visitors to Your Website - video course ...
  • Images to use on your own work and for your clients - 2000+ stock images ...
  • And Many More ...

What Our Members Say . . .

"I love WEN/FFWA! I've been a member for many years and like, particularly, the Tips of all kinds, Olde Lessons and the website addresses of any sites that catch my attention, e.g., the 'About' page for Increased Credibility and Promotion. . . I'll look that over this morning." . . . Suzann B. Goldstein, www.SuzannBGoldstein.com 

"The website I have now is because of an FWR tidbit - now I have my own domain. This is thanks to the small nuggets of advice Ms. Cassell plants throughout the publication. - I am proud to carry the press card and plastic car window card to announce my being a member of the press. I plan to remain a member of WEN for some time.". - Charles Justus Garard, author of the The Dark Journeys Trilogy 

"As a long-time member, I’ve especially appreciated the new markets, market updates, FYI’s, and writing tips in the Freelance Writer’s Report. Online, I’m most apt to check out job listings, which, along with info on markets, have led to writing assignments and publishing outlets. Thanks, too, for highlighting member news, the well-run annual writing competition, and your tireless work for writers." - Mary Harwell Sayler, author of Christian Writer's Guide, Living in the Nature Poem, and other books; www.MarySayler.com

I always get great gigs from your posts. I got a three-year, $3000-a-month gig from your Bulletin Board five years ago. And, when that gig ended (I ended it) a couple of years ago, one of my contacts immediately picked me up as her book editor. Two books later, we’re still working together. - MJ Plaster, Nashville, Tenn.; co-author of Waves of Change: How Tennessee's Thousand-Year Flood Changed the Lives of a Survivor, a Rescue Professional, and a Family Grief Counselorhttps://amzn.to/2EuMp0d

"What I use most from Freelance Writer's Report is the new magazine/market listings.  I discovered the magazine, Size Overrated through FWR.  The wonderful editor, Ariel King, first published my piece, "Thin! But not by Choice" and then my "Agony of Dress Shopping" in her February 2016 edition. Today, I see several more markets in FWR just waiting for my queries" ... Suzanne Beyer, co-author of The Inventor’s Fortune Up for Grabs; www.TheInventorsFortune.com. 

Dana, you still have the best writers' jobsite in the industry! Because of WEN/FFWA, I was able to find a more diverse field of writing opportunities, which led me to specialize in trade journals. I also like that you 'vet' the listings, rather than just slap them together and charge money to view them, as other sites do. And I like that you raise a red flag on those that appear to ask for writers to work for free or little money. - Carol Brzozowski, Coral Springs, Florida;  author of Empty Nest, Single Parent: Moving the Needle Toward a Repurposed Lifehttps://amzn.to/2LHrQwU

Do you live in Florida? Or visit regularly? Take a look here at our Florida Freelance Writers Association (FFWA) membership benefits . . .

Yes, FFWA is still offering all the news on Florida magazines and book publishers. Our continually updated Directory of Florida Markets for Writers includes 6 times the number of potential markets for your article queries, fiction and poetry submissions, and book proposals. As an FFWA member, you receive or have access to: 

  • All the above - yes, everything under the Writers-Editors Network umbrella - the monthly Freelance Writer's Report (FWR), the "Bulletin Board" job posting page, the WEN Resource + Training Center, the Writer Data Bank referral listing service, you name it: if our Network offers it, FFWA members get it ...
  • FFWA newsletter insert - a monthly 4-page "extra" newsletter inserted in the print issues of FWR (plus a separate PDF edition for online or device reading) with the latest Florida magazine and publishing news, plus recently updated pages from the Directory of Florida Markets for Writers ...
  • The Directory of Florida Markets for Writers 6 times more Florida publications and book publishers than in national market guides ● national, regional and local markets ● excellent for promoting your books ● can be purchased for $35 (print) or $15 (PDF) but included free with FFWA membership ...
  • A Meet Our Writers listing - on Writers-Editors.com (our site built specifically to promote our members' writing and editing services to publishers and clients (A Meet Our Writers listing is available as an upgrade to our basic membership but is included in FFWA membership) ...
  • Inclusion in our Guide to WEN/FFWA Writers - a downloadable e-guide available to select editors and clients - it gives them background information on our FFWA and upgraded WEN members. Cross-referenced by city, county, and areas of expertise to help editors and clients find the talent they need - it is portable so easy for editors/clients to when offline or to share with their staff. As an FFWA member you can be included simply by filling out a listing form.

And what is the value to you for all this?

Over the years, we have kept adding benefits and resources to FFWA with little if any fee increase. Here is the actual value of what you will be getting today:

12 issues Freelance Writer's Report

12 issues FFWA Florida market insert

12 months access to the WEN Center

Directory of Florida Markets for Writers

Access to our "jobs" Bulletin Board

"Meet Our Writers" listing

Guide to WEN/FFWA Writers listing

Personal "Help" Hotline

Writer Data Bank listing












As you can see from the above very realistic values, we could easily charge our FFWA members as much as $254 per year (even more because those are not the only benefits and resources WEN/FFWA offers). However, we recognize that building a freelance writing or indie publishing business can be challenging financially, so we have always tried our best to cut our costs to the bare bones in order to keep our dues as low as possible. However, costs do increase and periodically we will have to increase dues - the same as any other serious membership service. 

So how much is it to join FFWA for a full year? Good news - we've been able to retain our annual dues for more than 10 years now, so FFWA dues remain $90 for one year of print newsletters or $80 for one year of online-only access. Definitely still a bargain!

Plus, we now offer a reduced dues rate for automatic renewal - saves FFWA from having to send you renewal notices; save you money!

You can choose to receive print copies of FWR + have access to the PDF edition -- OR choose to only download the PDF version and save money...

FFWA print 1-yr

print auto-renew

FFWA online 1-yr

online auto-renew

Receive FWR in mail yes** yes** no no
Read FWR in PDF format yes yes yes yes
Receive FFWA print insert yes yes no no
Access FFWA PDF insert yes yes yes yes
Access Directory of Florida Markets PDF & Word yes yes yes yes
Can be listed on Meet Our Writers yes yes yes yes
Can be listed in Guide to WEN/FFWA Writers yes yes yes yes
Press ID tag/card yes yes no no
Access job "Bulletin Board" yes yes yes yes
Access WEN Center yes yes yes yes
Lock in current dues no yes no yes
Renew next year you will receive notice automatic you will receive notice automatic
To join today One Year Print FFWA + WritersEditorsNetwork.com Silver Level Annual Print FFWA + WritersEditorsNetwork.com Silver Level One Year Online FFWA + WritersEditorsNetwork.com Silver Level Annual Online FFWA + WritersEditorsNetwork.com Silver Level

Please note:  If you are joining for one year only, you will receive an opportunity to renew prior to the end of your membership year at the then current rate.

**Canada & international addresses: The above "print" membership dues are for U.S. addresses only. Most of our members in other countries select Online membership to save postage. But if you do want print copies of FWR etc. mailed to you, the extra postage will be US$10 per year to Canada, and US$24 to other countries. After you join, you will need to send the appropriate extra postage via PayPal to writers.editors@gmail.com. 

If you are joining with "automatic renewal" dues, you will lock in today's rate as long as you continue your membership.  Moreover, you will be able to stop the recurring payment at any time.

Prefer to send a check or mail/fax your credit card info for personalized handling? Not everyone is a fan of PayPal or online credit card processing — if that's you, simply download this PDF file, print it out, fill it out, and mail or fax it — directions are on the page. Your membership access will be set up as soon as we receive your check or Square (WEN's credit card processor) approves your credit card purchase. You will receive email confirmation. No financial data will remain on our websites. Note: Automatic renewal annual and monthly options MUST go through the JVZoo " Buy Now buttons" on this page.

Not quite sure? Try our new monthly payment option - and stop at any time. . .

Monthly FFWA + WritersEditorsNetwork.com Silver Level

Cash flow can be difficult for freelancers, so we now offer a monthly dues option to make it easier for everyone. Easy to start - easy to stop at any time. Never a problem; just email Dana.

. . . even after you've downloaded all the current "goodies" –  you can keep more than a full year's worth of FWR and e-books and courses and images and other special bonuses – and stop your monthly payment.

That's right, if you find that our membership is no longer right for you, simply stop your monthly payment at any time. No need to return or delete anything from your computer or device.

Or don't really need the Florida market information? Do you write only for national markets or clients outside Florida? Then our Basic WEN membership may do well for you. Our "very similar" WEN basic page of benefits is right here.

My personal guarantee . . . 

I cannot guarantee you writing riches – no one can. But I can and do promise to continue to do everything within my power to provide you with the tools and information you can use to build toward the success you desire. And I do my own "support" – meaning whenever you have a problem or question as a member, you only need to email me – and I will help you personally or work with you to find the help you need.

Also, you will find on your PayPal receipt that you may cancel within the first 30 days on a year-long membership, or within the first 7 days on a monthly-payment membership, and receive a full refund. Please do ask me any questions prior to joining so I can address any concerns and help you make a good "join or don't-join" decision. If, however, you find the need to request a refund during those initial days, all you need do is email me at dana@writers-editors.com and I will personally get your refund to you right away.

So no reason not to give Writers-Editors Network a try today -

Will you join us?

       Writers-Editors Network

Now is the best time to join - remember, as we add content, tools, and training, the annual and monthly fees WILL GO UP - we cannot avoid it.  And as we continue to add benefits, you will want to have access to them without paying higher dues.

I almost forgot! We have this neat, 4-page Special Report (PDF) - "A Business Plan for Writers."  - It is really helpful, whether you are a new fiction or nonfiction writer - or more established and planning for the next year. It is not new, and we were going to "retire" it - but it is still viable. So for a short time, I'd like to send it to you along with your permissions for the Bulletin "job" Board. Select any of the membership options, and the Report will be yours - for a short time.

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