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Dana K Cassell

Dana K Cassell


Hello, and pleased to see you here. I’m Dana Cassell and I’ve been working in the writing business for several decades. I will list my credits below for those who like to know such things. But first, I’d simply like to share a bit about how I got started writing — and how that evolved into a network for freelancers.



Info to come – we are in first draft stage.

You can learn the basics about our Network – and founder Dana K Cassell – on our “mother” site at



But please do return – once we have the private membership area in place and other pages, we will be enlarging on who we are and  how we can assist you in your writing, editing, publishing endeavors.


Dana K. Cassell has been a professional writer and editor of nonfiction for nearly four decades. She is coauthor of several encyclopedias from the Facts On File Library of Health and Living series (Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Drugs, Encyclopedia of Autoimmune Diseases, Encyclopedia of Obesity and Eating Disorders, Encyclopedia of Death and Dying); plus Food for Thought: The Sourcebook for Obesity and Eating Disorders (Checkmark Books). Her other books have included How to Advertise and Promote Your Retail Store, Making Money with Your Home Computer, and two ghosted books for physicians. Dana has also published more than 2,000 magazine articles and several e-books for writers, and has edited the newsletter Freelance Writer’s Report for 32 years. She is also the founder and executive director of Writers-Editors Network