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Invitation to Members and Special Friends of Writers-Editors Network

Our “join now” and “join FFWA” pages were intentionally set up through JVZoo so our members and invited friends can partner with us as our online membership grows.

To help assure that people who join will have real need and interest in what we have to offer, we restrict our “affiliates” to members and those who are familiar with our Network, from our monthly newsletter, Freelance Writer’s Report, to our WEN Resource + Training Center, to our Bulletin “Job” Board.

Also, because we have two levels of membership (Basic/Silver and FFWA) offered on our “join” pages PLUS several payment options, it can look a bit complicated on JVZoo. But there is a method to the process. Here’s how our JVZoo support person explained it —

“You will want to have your affiliates apply and be approved for each payment option. As long as your affiliate is approved for all options, the affiliate only needs to promote a single link. Once the customer is on the page, the approved affiliate will get credit for whichever membership payment option the customer purchases, even if it was not the option specifically promoted.”

Start Now

So here are the suggested steps to follow to become a WEN affiliate and receive referral fees in your PayPal account while helping our Network grow:

(1) Sign up to become a JVZoo affiliate. Start here: (opens in a new tab) – and this short video will walk you through the quick sign-up.

(2) Good news!! If I’ve set it up properly as Rick Roberts instructed, you will only need to be approved for one payment option (or “product”) in order to be credited for any of them. And that would be this one:
One Year Print Silver Level  – but I will leave the following options listed.

Apply for each of these payment options (to open in a new tab, right click and select)

Note that each payment option above explains the referral fee (commission) you will receive when someone joins through your link for that membership option.

(3) I will approve you for each membership “product” (or ask follow-up questions if I’m not sure who you are).

(4) Once you have your approvals, go to your Approved Products page for  your affiliate links (click on the green “Get Links” button for each membership option you want to promote.

(5) Once you have your links, tell other writers, editors and book authors about our Network and send them to the sales pages with at least two of your affiliate links (one FFWA, one  non-FFWA). Why two?

I strongly suggest passing along to your writer friends and online followers at least one link from each  of the  “join” pages — join-now and join-FFWA — e.g., BOTH “One Year Online Silver Level” AND “One Year Online FFWA + Silver Level”

This should assure your getting full credit and referral fees for all members you refer.

Added: A download PDF page for mailing in a check for payment

One thing we’ve found is that a few writers – especially those with less internet shopping experience – do not like to place orders online, especially through PayPal. For these, we have offered a PDF file they can print out and mail in along with their checks. Or they can use it to mail or fax their credit card info,which we can then process through Square. A few of our members prefer this.

To ensure that you receive full credit for any such referrals, the PDF form asks how they learned about our “join now” page. Also, if you refer a specific person, be sure to let me know. And, if you email membership information to your list, let me know when (dana @ I can then check any new members who come in  via mail or fax, with the downloaded form. If they are from your referral, I can then send the appropriate referral fee to your PayPal account.

What to tell them?

You might read through the join-me pages to remind you what all membership offers, then share what you use the most — perhaps FWR or the huge image collection in the WEN Center or the various videos or e-book downloads.

And if there is any way I can help you, shoot me an email: dana @

To your writing and Networking success,