Animated Memes Increase Shares

Marketing on social media includes posting “content” that gets shared. Even if your name or website URL or book title isn’t directly on that content as it winds its way through the Facebook or Twitter (or other) labyrinth, it will be shared from your profile. If it’s unique enough, it will travel widely and acquaint many others with you, your services, your book.

Just a week or so ago, Amy Lynn Andrews mentioned in her Useletter® that “shares often lead to viral posts quicker than likes or comments.”

But – and there’s always a “but” – you have to stand out from the masses. Plain posts with no images get buried. Static images by themselves get a bit more play, but not much. Today, the marketing experts who track such things say video is the most effective social media marketing tool. The “but” there: Videos take time, skill, and tools. Following close behind is the animated GIF – especially when it includes an inspirational or motivational quote. The “but” – some skill, but mostly time to do the number you need for all the places you want to post them. And deadline-driven writers don’t have a lot of extra time.

That’s why I was interested when Patricia Santhuff asked me to review her new animated quotes that she was preparing to launch. I liked her new MemeSpree line very much — definitely share-able and different from the usual, thus helping them to stand out and be seen on cluttered social media pages.

Then, as we tested out her delivery system of the finished product this past week, I got an even closer look at how helpful they could be for spreading the word about books, websites, and services, so I purchased developer rights to the initial package.

I also set up Writers-Editors Network as an affiliate, as I do like the value for our members.

Special Launch Package

The “Inspiration” meme above is but one of 32 in the package. Plus, the special launch offer includes several bonuses — holiday memes, a course on social media marketing, a special report on viralocity, and more. You can see one of the Mother’s Day memes on our Facebook page – also in the bonus are memes for Memorial Day and Father’s Day.

Options and Why I Chose What I Did

When you go to the special offer page (it’s a Warrior Special Offer on the Warrior Forum), after looking through the information on social media promotion and viral quotes and other examples from the package, scroll down to the two purchase choices: Basic and Pro

I have MemeSpree Basic — for the price you can’t go wrong. The Pro version is OK, but let me explain why I skipped Pro:

After buying the MemeSpree Basic package, you will be offered Developer Rights – This is so much more important than the Pro for you if you’re an author or a freelance writer/editor, in my opinion.

First — having Developer rights, allows you to add text to the memes at any time — very important, because you can use these over and over again in any number of places, and sometimes you will want to have a book title on the image … sometimes a website URL … sometimes your Amazon author page or LinkedIn profile URL … and you can even use them for your coaching or business clients (give them as a bonus or charge a fee!) or even sell them from your website.

Don’t know how to do it? I had never added text to a GIF file until today. Inside the Developer member area, you will find a text file with a list of both free and low-cost online tools for adding text, resizing, and adding intros /outros to the music files. I picked the first one on the list, followed Patricia’s instructions (on that same list) and added to the GIF above in less than 10 minutes PLUS reduced it in size for this page. Plus, I have a larger size saved separately especially for Facebook. And I still have the Basic “plain” GIF ready whenever I want to use it for promoting or sharing something else.

How much to have the developer rights to all these memes? $27 during the launch period.

First, you need to buy the Basic product at $9.97. You can do that by going here. (This should open in a new tab so you can refer back to t his page.) I know some of you don’t use PayPal, so be sure to first check the little box above the PayPal button (see red arrows) and following your email address, then click on the PayPal button. If you have a PayPal account, simply click/tap on the PayPal button.

After that purchase is completed, you will be shown an offer for Developer rights for $27. Read it through to be sure you understand the rights being offered. If you want to add those rights to your already purchased animated memes, click/tap on the $27 “buy button” toward bottom of the page.

Then, as in the previous purchase, check the “credit card” box if that’s what you prefer – or not if you have a PayPal account, then click/tap on the “Check out with PayPal” button. You will receive in your email your password to enter the MemeSpree member area where you can download all your new goodies.

My Bottom-line Take: The Pro version is limiting, as you have to decide on how you want your Meme Quotes “branded” NOW, and they will all be the same. No flexibility for the future. Who knows how we’ll want to brand them three months from now! PLUS, you won’t be able to monetize them (and branding/giving a free meme to a client will help them remember you!).

One more thing: After your purchase, you will receive one more offer for 20 new meme quotes each month, so you can continue to have new memes to share with your social media and blog followers. The cost will depend upon which package you prefer — Basic Only,  Pro, or  Developer/Resale. Whether you decide to stick with the initial package or add the monthly will depend on how much marketing/promotion you anticipate doing over the months to come. You can always start, then if you don’t find yourself using them, you can cancel. (Here’s where I like having a PayPal account, because it is easy to cancel ongoing payments, even when paid via a credit card.)

Next step:

Go here to get started. Need to remember the link or want to share it with a colleague? Here’s an easier one to use:

Note: By buying through these links, you will be supporting Writers-Editors Network as an affiliate. You will not pay any extra for that privilege 🙂 — and we thank you!