Another Contest Winner Gets Publishing Contract

For the second straight year, Writers-Editors Network has received wonderful news from one of its annual writing competition entrants.

Chasm CreekPatricia Cox’s novel Chasm Creek has been published by High Hill Press. Its first chapter won First Place in the 2011 Writers-Editors Network International Writing Competition, and another chapter won First Honorable Mention.

Then in 2013, Patricia submitted a short story compiled of dramatic elements from various chapters and featuring one of the main characters. These sections were revised and edited into a short story that won Second Place in the Short Story category. It was the summer of 2013 when Patricia Cox was offered a contract with High Hill Press.

“I do credit this contest with encouraging me to continue with my writing,” Patricia said. “My second novel, which also won two Third Place honors for Fiction, in 2011 and 2013, has been placed with an excellent literary agency and I have high hopes of its publication.”

Patricia CoxOf particular significance and inspiration to other hopeful authors, was Patricia’s take-away from her contest experience:

“I believe being able to cite my success with the Writers-Editors Network contests was a great help with queries, and helped lead to both the publisher and the agent placements.”

More info on Chasm Creek is on her website at

You may recall that last year we had announced another winner with a book series contract

Last year, Carol J. Perry announced that her First Place winning entry, Novel Chapter category, in the 2013 Writers-Editors Network Writing Competition had led to a multi-book contract with Kensington Publishing, also a traditional publishing house. An interview with Carol Perry can be read here. Her first two books are: Caught Dead Handed  and Tails, You Lose (pub date is March 31, 2015).  Carol’s website is at

These authors illustrate the value of entering literary contests — so don’t miss the deadline: March 15

The Writers-Editors Network annual literary competition is in its 32nd year and currently has six categories:

  • Nonfiction Previously Published
  • Nonfiction Unpublished
  • Fiction, Short Story
  • Fiction Novel Chapter
  • Children’s Literature, and
  • Poetry

Entries are judged blind (judges have no idea who the writers are or where they are located). Deadline for entries to be postmarked is March 15, 2015 (online entries also allowed).

Guidelines and entry form are posted at Winners are posted by May 31.

What about you? Have you any successes as the result of winning writing contests? Please do share with us below
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