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Content makes the Web world go round. Content is what drives interest, engagement and profits when it comes to any online marketing effort. Business clients look to freelancers to suggest and provide the elements that go into quality content – from words to images to video.

By putting on your editorial consultant’s hat, you can show your client how to repurpose their content in order to save money while boosting their brand or message. Then you can either do the repurposing for them – or team with other creative talents to offer a total package.

What is content repurposing? As the name implies, it is the process of taking original content and transforming into new content without the effort of brand new creation.

Content Repurposing Infographic


How have you repurposed content? Please share below.
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  1. You are so right, Bobbi – especially about gathering extra research from the beginning – while you’re communicating with the experts or investing the time reading books or websites for the original project – If we think about other audiences, we can ask the right questions or gather the “other” stats for those spin-offs later on.

  2. I have been doing this for decades. Before major publications began to insist on All Rights contracts, I self-syndicated humor, opinion pieces, and personal essays to a broad range of newspapers, then often resold these to anthologies. I also made sure I gathered sufficient research to spin off different angles to specialized magazines. I’ve also “recycled” almost every chapter in my books, turned Five Fast Steps to Better Writing into a franchised course, and sold my books at workshops on business writing, publicity, book promotion, creativity and humor writing.
    I’m now repurposing blog and Facebook posts.

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