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How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpaceHow to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace and Kindle

by Russ Crowley, Red Dragon Publishing (January 2, 2015); digital, 180 pages (per my PDF review copy; other editions may vary). $6.99 Kindle; $7.99 paperback

How many manuscripts do you have on your hard drive, waiting to publish to Kindle or CreateSpace, but you don’t really know how to do the formatting? And you don’t want to pay to outsource it? I know I have my share! Well, Russ Crowley has come to our rescue. A long-time Word expert, Russ has put together an excellent step-by-step blueprint to get you from raw doc file to formatted and published Kindle and/or CreateSpace book. This is not a typical short Kindle overview. This is a full-length 180-page book, with 144 screen shots and other images. I use WordPerfect by choice, so have only basic familiarity with Word, and even I can follow Russ’s instructions. A nice-sized section is available in Amazon’s “Look inside” feature for you to review the complete Table of Contents and the full list of illustrations. (Hint: You can also get a free Kindle book template that he uses from that “Look inside” – worth joining his email list to download.) Russ also now has a Facebook page for the book:

Self-Publisher's Resource GuideThe Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide

by Joel Friedlander and Betty Kelly Sargent, Marin Bookworks (December 16, 2014); $10.55 paperback; $7.99 Kindle

When you start a big, complicated project like self-publishing a book, you know you’re going to be “stuck” in numerous spots. What to do next? Where to go for help with this snafu? You probably turn to Google, which is great, but it can be a time-suck until you find the correct answer. This book lists more than 850 “curated and verified” resources in 26 categories to guide you through the publishing labyrinth and to the answers you seek. Resources are divided into Preparation and Promotion sections. The Kindle edition advantage: you can click on all those links and go directly to the websites.

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