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Beach Songs and Wood ChimesBeach Songs and Wood Chimes
by Mary Harwell Sayler

(Daffydowndilly Press, September 5, 2014)

“Songs and chimes describe so well the musical qualities of the poems in Mary Sayler’s book. Children, parents, and teachers will greatly enjoy reading aloud the details and images, cadences and sounds Sayler has captured in words. Beach Songs and Wood Chimes is for all children in their early discovery of the ocean, its majestic scenes, its delights and curiosities, and the variety and abundance of the lives it nurtures.” —Pattiann Rogers, Author of Holy Heathen Rhapsody

“When our grandchildren and I read Beach Songs and Wood Chimes together, we know we are holding a treasure in our hands. What do we enjoy about this poet’s work? One, she tickles our ears with her mastery of rhythm, rhyme, and repetition. Two, we see the scenes as they unfold behind our closed eyelids. Three, she surprises us with new connections about nature.” —DiVoran Lites, Author of The Florida Springs trilogy

Added bonus: Mary did her own illustrations for the first time.

An earlier conversation with Mary Harwell Sayler.

Caught Dead HandedCaught Dead Handed (A Witch City Mystery)
by Carol J. Perry

Kensington (September 2, 2014)

She’s not a psychic — she just plays one on TV. Most folks associate the city of Salem, Massachusetts with witches, but for Lee Barrett, it’s home. This October she’s returned to her hometown — where her beloved Aunt Ibby still lives — to interview for a job as a reporter at WICH-TV. But the only opening is for a call-in psychic to host the late night horror movies. It seems the previous host, Ariel Constellation, never saw her own murder coming.

Lee reluctantly takes the job, but when she starts seeing real events in the obsidian ball she’s using as a prop, she wonders if she might really have psychic abilities. To make things even spookier, it’s starting to look like Ariel may have been an actual practicing witch – especially when O’Ryan, the cat Lee and Aunt Ibby inherited from her, exhibits some strange powers of his own. With Halloween fast approaching, Lee must focus on unmasking a killer — or her career as a psychic may be very short lived…

Important note: This is the book that garnered Carol a Novel Chapter 1st Place in the 2013 Writers-Editors Network Writing Competition.

An earlier conversation with Carol J. Perry

Of Time and the DreamerOf Time and the Dreamer
by Charles Justus Garard

Charles Justus Garard (August 21, 2014)

If you could travel back in time to your own past, would you make any changes? If changing the past would change and affect the present and the future, what would you do? Nothing? Relive the past exactly as you experienced it before? But what if you could visit your past in another dimension . . . and any changes you make in that past would not affect the present or future in your own world — in this dimension. Only the other dimension would be changed. Would you make changes — particularly if you thought that you might be trapped there?

Tyler Grant discovers this to be the case when he travels through a dream corridor into his past in another dimension. The first two trips into his past are controlled by colleague Dr. Craig Marsh from his private office about a theater in Seven Point Junction, a funky area of Atlanta. The third trip that he takes, however, is not under Craig’s control, and Tyler time-trips on his own.

Romance — and mystery — with the focus is on the issues that evolve from the concept of being able to travel to one’s own past — and the concept of visiting a parallel dimension. Hold on for this ride. This is one you might want or be able to make more than once.

Special note: The Dreamer is a stand-alone novel, and not part of the author’s horror trilogy.

An earlier conversation with Charles Justus Garard.

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