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Fact Checking Made Easy – Udemy course by Marcia Yudkin

Having been familiar with Marcia Yudkin’s excellent work for a very long time, I was delighted to take her new fact-checking course. Plus, as a current copy editor and fact checker for a health news website, I looked forward to what she might teach me. I can say that my time was not wasted – Marcia covers the basics, but also points out areas and offers tips even the “pros” can use as a refresher or learn even more. I found the audio lessons easy to listen to. But if you prefer to learn from the written format, you can download a PDF transcript of each lesson. Most lessons also have exercises (and the answers) in PDF files you download to your desktop or device. And for those established writers who would like to offer fact checking as a service, completing the course and posting the certificate on your website, plus listing it on your resume and online profiles, is not going to hurt at all – could be the difference between a client choosing you over another writer/editor. More info at

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