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Social media has become “the place” to be seen, to become known, to share literally anything and everything. From independents to traditional publishers to offline businesses, being on and participating in social media “places” is now a necessary business component.

The problem: Being social can become complicated – what to share, when to share it, and where. Fortunately, the whole brain group is sharing a checklist to make our journey through social media a bit easier to follow.

New in their 2016 Checklist: Instagram, Quora and Periscope. Use this checklist to

  • target the right audience,
  • set smart goals for posting content and updating statuses,
  • monitor a few strategic metrics, and
  • getting more results with less time investment.

Our thanks to for allowing us to share this Social Media Checklist with our fellow freelancers and book authors.

WBG Social Media Checklist 2016


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