10 Ways to Find Time to Write More

I took a peek at the responses to our ongoing survey to find out what writers’ greatest frustrations are – and 23 percent of responses have to do with time – either finding it or managing it. … [Read more...]

Time Tracking Tools for Writers

A good way to get a better handle on what to charge for projects (or which assignments to take on or which markets to pursue) is to track how much time it’s taking you to do various … [Read more...]

Multitasking: Good or bad for writers?

  My name is Dana K and I am a multitasker. I do try to keep it under control, but yesterday afternoon I realized I was over-working my “command center” and likely my … [Read more...]

Working that new project into your schedule

So we’re all excited about our new projects for the coming year. From earlier comments, it looks like you’re going to be busy writing a second book ... redesigning your website ... writing … [Read more...]