Checkup Time

It's Checkup Time! It's April as I write this, meaning we're barely into the second quarter of the year. So while the days seem to be flying by, there's still plenty of year left to meet … [Read more...]

Setting Your Annual Writing Goals

The problem with New Year’s Resolutions, and planning in general, is that life tends to get in the way of the really exciting new projects on our goals list – the book project we want to … [Read more...]

Convert Your Fading Specialty Into Opportunity

You’re tooling along quite nicely, thank you, writing about CB radios for a number of magazines when BOOM! – along comes the mobile phone. Bye-bye CB radio specialty. OK, that’s a hoary … [Read more...]

Are You Maximizing Your Writing Inventory?

  One of the neatest things about writing for a living (even if that’s only a part-time living) is that we get to re-sell our inventory. “What inventory?” you ask. All that … [Read more...]

Six-Month Checkup Time for Freelancers

It’s time for a mid-year checkup to see how you’re progressing toward your goals and objectives for this year. By checking your progress now, you have plenty of time left in the year to … [Read more...]

Stand out from the other freelancers – Specialize

It’s an age-old question: Should a freelance writer be a generalist – writing about anything and everything? Or is it better to concentrate in one or two subject areas? Back in the day, it was … [Read more...]

12 Days of Cogitation for the New Year

While we’re in the midst of the twelve days of Christmas, and soon to be opening our crisp new 2013 calendars, let’s begin writing on those calendars early by penciling in 12 Days of … [Read more...]