Checkup Time

It’s Checkup Time!

Checkup Time

It’s April as I write this, meaning we’re barely into the second quarter of the year. So while the days seem to be flying by, there’s still plenty of year left to meet your goals and expectations.

IF …

… if you invest a bit of time this month for a checkup — to revisit your plans for the year to see what’s working and what needs revising.

Time to get out the old-school paper, pen (or pencil) and highlighter for a checkup

• List the projects (either production or marketing) you’ve completed so far this year. Highlight with a yellow marker those you felt best about (easiest, most satisfaction, most profitable).

• List the projects you’ve started but not yet completed. Highlight those that are going well.

• List   the projects that were on your plans for this year, but you’ve not yet begun them.

• Review your first two lists to discover any success patterns (the highlighted ones) – Which strategies or topics or markets are working best for you?

• Revisit your third list – projects not started. Do any of these fit into your success patterns? Get started on them right away.

And don’t waste time worrying about the others until next year.

What did you discover during your checkup? Do you have a clearer idea of where to invest your time these next several months? Please share below.

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  1. I’ve been all over the place since my auto accident and head injury and have stopped freelancing for newspapers entirely now, even columns. This I find, although it is not paing my bills as of yet, is giving me time to work on trying to get my “best” book to a large publisher or producer- THE SUMERIAN SECRET – and also get back into magazine writing in a field I have been studying since my teens (metaphysics). I made a list of things to do and have dediced how to proceed although I have to really keep lots of lists and notes because although I can “freewrite” as well as ever, I can’t “think things out and stay on course” in other things like I used to ! Thanks

  2. I suggest writers Google foreign magazines in their field of expertise. Why settle for one country when the world can be your writing oyster?

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