5 Ways Music Can Impact Your Writing

First thing I do after booting up my computer in the morning is to click on the Media Player – a CD is already in place and ready for the next song. (Yes, I do subscribe to Pandora, but … [Read more...]

Featured Author: BF (Bobbi) Graham

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Featured Author: Lisa Wroble

Our conversation today is with Lisa A. Wroble, a Naples, Florida, freelance writer, book author, and educator with around 1,000 articles and 27 published books among her credits. She also … [Read more...]

Walk to Boost Your Creativity

We've long been warned that our hours spent sitting at a desk writing can be dangerous to our health. But now we learn all that sitting could be inhibiting our creativity. From an April 28 … [Read more...]

Interviewing by Telephone

While interviewing experts and sources via email has become more acceptable and commonplace, it lacks in two important areas: It lacks spontaneity, as the person being interviewed can … [Read more...]

Featured Author: Henry Holden

Our “conversation” today is with Henry Holden, author of How to Write Your Children's Book Using Absolutely Free Resources and Public Domain! … written for writers who still have some kid in … [Read more...]

Checklists for Nonfiction

After you've written your article – after you've edited and revised it – before sending it along to an editor – or posting it on the Web – run it through these … [Read more...]

Article Writing Golden Rules: A Baker’s Dozen

1. Eliminate vague statements; they convey no meaning ... be specific. Example:  Saying a CEO drives up in her “car” says nothing. saying she drives up in her 2014 Torch Red Corvette Stingray … [Read more...]