Featured Author: Cindy Davis Redux

It’s been awhile since we visited with author and book editor Cindy Davis, so we decided to see what’s going on in her world – a lot, it turns out, including a new book series. Here’s our … [Read more...]

Featured Author: BF (Bobbi) Graham

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Featured Author: Lisa Wroble

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Featured Author: Roberta Sandler

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Featured Author: Michael L. Thal

Michael Thal knows the meaning of adversity – both personally and as a book author. In today’s conversation, he will show us how “sticking to it” – against all odds – can pay off. Michael has … [Read more...]

Now you can write that book ….

Yes, now you can write that novel ... or start that blog ... or publish that manuscript to Kindle ... or whatever you've been "gonna" do. You've been wanting to do it – been thinking about it … [Read more...]